I'm an autodidact, passionated developer with motivation for creating scalable, clean and lightweight solutions.


CTO & Co-founder

Subit, Copenhagen
2018 - Present

Senior Developer

MyMoney, Malmö Sweden
2017 - Present

MyMoney is the leading card-loan facilitator in Sweden, helping customers and car retailers issuing loans when a vehicle is purchased. Currently serving them as a Senior Developer, assisting them expanding and keeping their technical end cutting edge.

Head of Development

Athliit, Copenhagen
2017 - 2017

Served Athliit as Head of Development. Athliit is innovating the industry of sports club management software and I was a key part of leading the product development.

Backend developer

Ageras A/S, Copenhagen
2014 - 2017

I have been with Ageras since the early days and the unique startup culture. Been in the process of scaling a platform from two to five countries, supporting a company growing from 30 to 100 people in two years with the growing demand of high quality shippings to our clients and within the organisation.

My daily work at Ageras extents to all different layers of our tech stack. Primarily developing our inhouse built sales platform across serval countries with significant focus on scalability and stability. Primarily with focus on technologies such as Laravel, MySQL and React.

Throughout the years working with Ageras I have learnt how important it is to fully understand the business in all aspects, in order to ship the best products in terms of both internal and external deliveries.

Freelance backend developer

Sitenow, Copenhagen
2012 - Present

Developing and maintaining Sitenow's inhouse CMS. Constantly taking costumer's demands out of the context and try to think the most reusable solution for the requirements, in order to reuse features across the platform. Working with technologies such as Symfony2 and MySQL










Designing REST APIs